Midwifery Skills at a Glance



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Being an effective midwife requires a range of knowledge and skills, all of which are essential to provide competent and safe care to childbearing women and their infants. Midwifery Skills at a Glance offers an invaluable, straightforward guide for students and practitioners – offering readable, easily digestible information, supported with illustrations throughout to enhance application to practice.

Clear and concise throughout, Midwifery Skills at a Glance covers a wide range of skills – exploring issues such as infection control, personal hygiene care, and safeguarding; assessment, examination and screening skills; how to care for the woman and neonate with complex needs; drug administration and pain relief. 

  • A comprehensive, highly visual guide to the skills essential for safe, effective, and compassionate midwifery practice
  • Written by experts in their field
  • Briefly describes each skill and provides clear illustrations — making it an ideal companion in clinical practice
  • Offers instruction on the safe use of a wide range of essential skills required to deliver safe, evidence-based maternity care
  • Includes service user viewpoints and key points to help consolidate learning and reflect on the experience of receiving care 

Written with the student midwife in mind, Midwifery Skills at a Glance is equally invaluable for all others providing care, including Maternity Support Workers, mentors, registered midwives and medical students.