Physiology of Human Reproduction: Notes for Students


ISBN 9781119609582

作者/出版社Osol /Wiley-Blackwell

出版年代/版次 2021/1

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Physiology of Human Reproduction provides students with a concise and accessible overview of more than 200 vital concepts, from the basic physiology of the male and the nonpregnant female, to fertilization, embryonic and fetal growth, labor, lactation, and more. Presented in a readable style, key terms are highlighted throughout the main text to enable students to quickly find a concept and read the appropriate information.

Whether reading the book from cover to cover, or using a focused approach to learn about specific concepts, readers will find this textbook to be an invaluable tool for increasing their understanding of human reproduction. An essential companion for standard Anatomy and Physiology courses, this student-friendly textbook:

  • Covers physiology of the male, the physiology of the nonpregnant female, pregnancy and lactation, and age-related changes such as menopause
  • Discusses pregnancy, birth control, and the reproductive system in childhood, adolescence, and puberty
  • Describes the anatomy, physiology, and phases of the human sexual response
  • Explains genetic conditions and disorders including androgen insensitivity syndrome and Kallman’s syndrome

Physiology of Human Reproduction is a must-have learning guide for students in the medical and life sciences, including medicine, nursing, biology, physiology, and biomedicine, as well as those in courses covering human reproduction and pregnancy.